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New member saying hello to my Texas Peeps!

I didn't want to take up too much bandwidth but I did want to say hello to my fellow Texans!

I posted my "new member" post below. Even threw in a pic of my boat. (not an airboat...YET) :)

Have fun!!


Brice Fuselier
Charter Lakes Marine Insurance


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Welcome Brice, I glad you made it.

BTW- I have my GTO insured with Charter Lakes and Brice is my agent, great customer service and a really competitive rate for insuring our airboats, give him a call if you need a policy.



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Brice, great looking boat. Now all you need is an airboat to slide around in!

a wise man (Confucious) once said: "Once you run dry, you never go back to the water"

I could not agree more



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