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New Memeber's website

Airboatcapt2":3v1ue70q said:
Here is a new website from one of my customers in wisconsin. He will be joining our group soon. Here is a sneak preview of his website, has some cool airboat pictures on it that I would like to share.

Nice to see some more folks from WI...... I won't feel so outnumbered. :lol:

Nice pic's on their site.... I give the photographer credit, that's a hard hike up that hill. (you can almost see the nude beach from there :twisted: )

I'm also glad to see someone else is running that piece of river with an airboat.
I went up to Minnesota a few weeks ago and I saw lots of good places to run an Airboat there was a lot of marsh and it looked a lot like Marsh in florida I think I am going to have to make a trip up there some day and do some fishing if gas is not out of sight.
I'm gonna go dust off my foam cheese head and flesh colored Speedo.
I'd then predict that the Skunkape / Bigfoot sightings are gonna go through the roof in WI!

Those folks up there like to hunt Bro.

Be careful!
WP didn't I read on here some where that you are getting married?? and your talking about a road trip for a nude beach, man you gonna be bald headed when she gets done with you LOL
MILWAUKEE POST-DISPATCH, dated May 25th, 2006.

Numerous hunters and other outdoor enthusiats have been reporting sightings of a very large, almost man-like creature seen in the marshlands of our State. Reports seem to conflict, but at least two of the idividuals quoted have said that this creature seems to be "dressed" in a Speedo style garment. One observer is quoted as having said that "It didn't appear to have any hair on it's head."

Updates will be published as soon as we have them. MPD.