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New Motown SBC block for sale this is a aftermarket block that can be bored safely to 4.250. I was going to build a 468 SBC out of it. The block is new comes in box and has several improvements over the standard 400 block, thicker deck, more water around the bores and priority main oiling, high nickel casting, 4 bolt mains. This block cost's $1,800 at your door step I'm losing money and will sell it for $1,500. Think of this, when you buy a used 400 block it's a 50/50 chance it's cracked, they usually have bad bores and the mains are out of round and the cost to convert them to a four bolt. Add it up you will spend the same for a 30 year old used block that you don't want to bore over 4.155. Anyway if someone wants to build a nasty 400-468 Small block this is the block to use. I have a lot of experience with these blocks and will be glad to help somebody wanting to build a serious torque monster.
man, i am sure glad i've gotton older. Notice i didn't say grew up. everytime i look, you got something new and exciting to play with. When are we going to get together and talk about this 502 i got and what it is going to cost. what is your feeling about the laughing gas? you going to be at the wedding? if not I guess i will have to go to melborne and try and fing you lol bill
I will be at Moods last stand with the motor running incase he wants to make a break for it at the last minute. Let's make sure to meet up I look forward to meeting you.