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New Story on Airboats

Good story, the guy who flipped the tent over reminds me of a few people we hang with. They just can't seem to understand that wind thing??
I'd hate to know how many times I have had my tent blown over and even blown my own tent over. You'd think I'd learn not to piutch a tent where the airboats slide. I still do it though. LOL

I'll trade a blown over tent for a pan of fresh cooked flrog legs anyday. We aint gona mention gator tail and cooter.

With this sport being so much fun I can find little to complain about in a blown over tent. Oh yes its nicer if the tent don't get blown down. Just varying degrees of great fun.

Its a good article about good folks and a fantastic sport. Thanks for the read.

Speaking about tents,

I can remember serval years ago on the Elkhorn River in Nebraksa, this river usualy stay's the same depth all day long. So I set my tent up on a high sandbar and blew my boat up on the sandbar took all clothes off and laid then on the boat since I was trapping allday and very wet. Clothes would be dry in the morning, when morning came to I was laying in about a inch of water and my boat was down stream, it rained up North so the river rose that night.

Needless to say that was a long day,

So when it comes to tents I bet we all have a story to tell.

Tim Bryson
I think all us airboaters should get together and write a book about our airboating stories and then make a movie about the book?
I know this is off topic, and you Cornhuskers I'm sure would know the answer. How hard is it to get a non-resident hunting license in Nebraska?? And how much $$??