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New to Airboating part 2


Hey guys thanks for all your input. Well I did a comp. ck and here is what I got. First the #1 cyl. plug was totally closed, it looked like mybe someone before me closed it so I was only running on 5 cyl. ( It used to belong to the Hernando County Sheriff's Dept. they do good work don't they.) All the other 5 plugs were dry and black. The readings on all the cyl. were #1-60 / #2-120 / #3-120 / #4-115 / #5-90 / #6-90. There is allso a bang sound like something is hitting in it when I turn the blade around. So I guess I got alot of work to do on it. Does any one know where I can get a manual for a 220 gpu.