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New to airboats Corvair powered what’s it worth

I’m looking to buy my first airboat. I don’t know to much about the boat other than it has a Corvair motor it has been sitting a long time. The boat is 16ft long by 6ft wide. My main question is will this boat have enough power to get on plain and what would it be worth? I’m not sure about the prop and the guy that’s selling doesn’t know cause the original owner passed away any help would be great. Thanks!


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JMO, I would pass also. I had a 14 X 6 as my first boat. The hull is to narrow. A wider hull will give you more stability. I have never heard of anyone that has been happy with a Corvair engine. Please put where you are located in your profile and maybe someone in your area will know of something that would fit you and your budget better.
Okay thanks for your guys input. I’m from Pennsylvania and there’s not to many air boats around just happen to find this one local and was going to go for it.
6 ft wide is narrow even for a 12 ft airboat. At 16 ft, you need an 8ft wide bottom. I would not mess with it if I were you. Too many affordable airboats out there to buy something you KNOW isn't gonna work out