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New to Airboats


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I live in East Texas near Tyler. I travel all over for my Job. I found myself in South Louisiana and met a bunch of people who had Airboats. After 1 ride I was sold on the Idea. SO, I just purchased a 16' x 8' Mark's Airboat witha 502/450hp. 2-1 reduction. Spray System, 2 up 3 down seating with a grass rake. Where is a good place to go play in Texas ? I am VERY Familar with the Coast. Are there any good rivers to ride in Either East or North Texas ? Are there any Rivers that or Lakes that I need to be aware of that do not allow Airboats ?


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Congrats on the new airboat. :thumbleft:

The BRAB (Brazos River Airboater's) run the Brazos :toothy7:

There are a some airboaters on the Trinity down by Conroe & Houston. :bounce:

There are a few airboats scattered on the Red. :scratch:

And there's the airboaters from end of the Third Coast to the other. :violent1:


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Great boat... welcome to the club... currently building myself a new power plant. Be back on the water later summer...