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New to N FL/ South GA

we got a few boats gonna ride lake iamonia this sunday 3/1, probably 4 or 5 mud boats, im gonnna bring my airboat and there will be 2 other airboats if yall will be around. ill get times, ramp, etc when i hear more.
sounds good I know a few more that will we will put in at the ramp on bull headley rd. there more parking at the ramp off hwy .12
Will there be any woods ridin or just staying in the lake,I would like to come along if yall are riding some in the WOODS. THANKS LSX1
sounds like a plan ill be there ill put in at k&k fish camp ..................might beable to get on them islands n run them woods but they aint real big :florida:
I'm In for Sunday South GA ,Looks like it's going to be a good day, I'll be out tomorrow afternoon in Jackson for a few if anybody is around?
Who is still going to Lake Iamonia tomorrow, its been raining here in Sylvester GA off and on all day.
Still drizzling rain and windy here, so I'm gone pass this one yall ride safe and I'll hook up next time. LSX1
Yeah I hate to pass also, I'm over by the airport and it's raining again. Maybe next weekend