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Next ride

You guys are welcome to come up here to Georgia and ride the river we will have it all to our selves never any other boats on it to speak of.
Hey faron we rode there after the quite air boat comp and its a nice area up there but some where new would be good
I have a monthly ride scheduled for Aug 20th.We will be riding Lk harney south to Loughman and back.Water has come up some and is making for some good riding in that area again. I think most of you guys that were here last time never made it south of Econ because of water level.We are good to go know.You guys are welcome to join -in
I am game for riding that area again. I had a blast the last time and would love to go from there back to Loughman.
If the water is up, riding out of Lone Cabbage and heading south could be some fun. Go thru Lake Winder and end up at the Oak Head.
No Faron - the group has never launched from Lone Cabbage. Between the cabbage and the public ramp across the street, there is plenty of parking.

Lone Cabbage south would also be a good ride,count me in.Both areas are close for me. But my monthly ride is Aug 20th with my club.Jolly Gator south to Loughman Lodge.Everyone still invited.
I'm in with you skeeter jolly gator south and then may be a trip around lk harney sounds good we never rode down that area there is not alot of trailes south of 520 the water is still down as we all found out this past sunday with over 18 boats stuck in a trail with out any water and the water south of 192 has came up about 3 feet from a month ago so north of the dam has less water.
I am hoping we will be there Skeeter. That is if he does not sell the boat between now and then and if he still has the prop and box as well. But we will be there. I am looking forward to that ride.