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Noise, serious questions.


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Has anyone ever been tested.

Can the man stop you on the water and make you return to the hill for testing?

Does the law say what RPM's the test is to be run?
I am not aware that it has been done here in manatee county BUT the law says they can and if they claim it is over 90db then it is up to you to pay for independent testing to prove them wrong. AND it has to be at full throttle.. kinda like having a corvette or something that will go 150mph and if it does you get the ticket even if you were only goin 70. Just because it can be louder than 90bd doesnt mean it was but the birden of proof is on you at your expense. sorta sucks huh
That is a brilliant analogy I never looked at that way. Even if you didn’t exceed 90DB you can still get a ticket because you could exceed 90DB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why not just send everyone with an airboat a ticket, and then they have to go to an independent lab for noise testing?
well once again I moght be wrong but I didnt see anywhere in there taht a decibel meter was required to get the ticket just required to be proven innocent of the misdemeanor sound violation. It didnt say they needed one just you