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Norman Padgett and Sam Butler


I am the Daughter of Sam Butler of WPB, Florida. He was friends, very close with Norman Padgett of West Palm Beach. They were hunting buddies, though as is the case of most hunters then, very selective of who they chose to go on hunts.
I have stumbled on the book 'Everglades Lawmen: True Stories of Game Wardens in the Glades' and was happy to read Norman described realistically.
Norman was a legend long before they made him one.
Both men have passed, but I am looking for any stories of my dad and that of Norman. Dad died at 81, and after his only son died in 1972, did not pick up a gun to hunt again for decades. It was their great love together.
If you have any stories or your dad had any stories of either I would be so grateful.
Thank you.
I am sorry to say that I do not know Sam or Norman. I have heard of them, but that is all. Your post inspired me to buy a copy of the book! I am looking forward to the read and the stories.

Thank You for posting.
DSC00717.JPGNot sure if you know about the memorial that was out in area 2A on the north trail, but here's a pic....