Not happy about hull!!


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Just bought first airboat and I found a broken rib in the bottom of the hull. It's just forward of the front rigging mount on the right side.
Hull is a light laser hull and sides are flimsy. Has anyone fixed one of these hulls? Any ideas!!
That’s a called a stringer, depending on how bad it is will determine work involved. Hit the search on the forum for stringer repair or hull work and you’ll find plenty of information to fix it or information on where or who to take it too to have it done right.
I would recommend you take it to someone who has repaired airboat hulls before. The front tabs of your rigging experience a lot of stress. They will want to determine why the stringer failed such as was it from stress, impact or wood rot.

A lighter boat has more flex than a stiff heavy boat. They tend to run dry real well but cracks at stiffeners and stringers can be troublesome if the boat gets used rough.

Wood rot is another real common problem and can happen quick if bolts holding the rigging on are not given a little 5200 type sealer to keep moisture out. If someone has drilled holes and moved rigging around and not resealed the holes that will get rot really fast.

Hope this helps explain things.
Spent two weeks replacing rotten stringer and repairing cracks in bottom. New gelcoat and slickbottom. Will replace hull if I run into that again. Still get itchy just thinking about it.
Yea it's a right of passage.

The tyvex disposable suit helps resolve a good bit if you end up in glass again.

The pros all suit up and wear filters now. But your done and can feel proud of the job.