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o-540 interchange


does anybody know if a 0-360 narrow deck,straight valve,cylinder will fit a0-540 narrow deck,straight valve :?:
This YAHOO group is a pretty good resource on LYCOMING.

The narrow deck 360 & 540 straight valve cylinders can be the same.
You will need to determine chrome -vs- nitrided -vs plain hardened steel
cylinders. I learned this the hard way.
That determines the rings you will need to run. And I would think you should keep all of your cylinders the same.

They both have 90 c.i. cylinders. The 0-320 cylinders are shorter but have the same bore with 80 c.i. disp each.
yes the narrow deck 0360 cylinder & the 0540 are the same cylinder. The wide deck are the same but a wide deck will not fit on a narrow deck. Nor will a narrow deck fit on a wide deck. The above is trure for the parrel valved engine. the angle valve ( in airplanes they were mostly fuel inject motor the 200 hp IO360 & the 300Hp IO540) still wide deck swap with wide deck narrow with narrow. Any more question call or e mail