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Oct 28th Poker Run for the Kids


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Seminole County Airboat Club is putting on a Poker Run Oct 28th leaving at 10:00am from Jolly Gator heading south.This will benefit the unfortunate kids that Seminole County Sheriff's Department work with during the holiday season.This year we will be focusing on the older group kids,because when we have toy for tots runs and so forth, that age group seems to be left out.We are looking for money donations or back packs,etc. or things that teenage group kids can use.What ever is raised will go towards Chritmas gifts for them this year.All is welcome and invited.We will be stopping for lunch at Loughmans then back to Jolly Gator for last card.
We will also be having a BBQ at the Jolly Gator after the poker run. Anyone in the run, BBQ is free. Any other will be charged $20.00 per family (all will be donated)

All are invited to come join us.
That is a nice run with some great stops, the econ, b.s. hill , bear bluff,and loughman's. The water is just right. Not to high or low! Good ridin', good people, good food, for a good cause! Moodfood has some nice ariel maps of this area on his website http://www.airboatmaps.com
Here's some information that was passed along to me about what to donate for the Oct 28th Poker Run for the Kids. I've made a printable ".pdf" file that can be downloaded here: http://www.southernairboat.com/pdf/SCSOElderXmasProject2006.pdf
SCSO Elder Services
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
2006 Christmas Outreach Initiative
I want to take a moment and thank you for your willingness to
support the 2006 Christmas Outreach initiative helping grandparents
raising grandchildren, as well as isolated elderly residents of Seminole
County. Each year, support for these specific population groups at the
holidays is limited at best. When grandchildren take custody of their
grandchildren, they do so to avoid state intervention and the foster
care system. The most basic of our countries Morals, Values and Ethics
is apparent time and time again as I watch seniors (some in their 70’s
and 80’s) step up and take responsibility for their grandchildren. Many
of these children are teenagers and without the support of clubs and
organizations, these children would be overlooked. Most community
programs address the younger children 12 and under. It is through your
support that the older often forgotten kids and the seniors that are
raising them can be touched by an act of kindness during the holiday
With your support many of the things that we might consider
necessities, but that play such an important role in the daily lives of
families and their children can be acquired. Some of the most common
items needed are as follows:

Backpacks (Wheeled or Carry)
Alarm Clock with /Radio/CD
Shoe Store Gift Cards
Grocery Gift Cards
Clothing Store Gift Cards (Walmart/Target/Sears)
School Supplies (Or gift cards for purchase)
Personal Items (Hair Brushes-Hair Clips… Combs… Bubble Bath, Shower Gel..
Mens Hygiene items)
Sports Items….
CD Players w/ earphones
CD’s or DVD’s (Or Gift Card for Purchase of this type item)
Family Fun Night Gift Certificates (This can be a Blockbuster Movie Gift
Card …. Congo River Putt Putt Golf Game Passes…..
Cinema Gift Certificates for a night at the movies…
Bowling Alley Gift Packs For (Games Sodas and Hot Dogs)
Pizza or Restaurant Gift Certificates For “Just a Night Out�

I hope that as you view this list you realize that your support is more
than appreciated and that in simple and individualized ways your donation
will assist in sharing the giving spirit to those who need to know that
someone cares..

Thanks For Everything…. Dotti Burkett-Dreggors
Thanks for the plug there Geneva! Yeah, I got a pretty good map of that area. Although, I have that one spot called "Clearwater Pond" instead of "Reclaimed Waters"... I'll need to look into making that change.

Skeeter - That is an AWESOME cause!!!! I'll bet kids of that age group fall thru the cracks a lot - not just in Christmas gifts. So It'd be good to help them.

I may not be able to make the ride, but I want to join up by donating something. As with all the toys-4-tots drives - it's gotta be a NEW UNOPENED toy/product right?

If I can't make a product donation, can I make a cash donation? I can't afford much, but I want to put something in there.

And where do I make this donation? I'll be out at Loughman's this Saturday doing some map and wedding business.

I noticed the letter is signed by Dotti Burkett-Dreggors. Back in the 70's in the Apopka area the folks across the street from us was named Dottie Dreggors. She owned a greenhouse out towards Zellwood. I wonder if they are related somehow.

Rick thanks for posting the flyer.I'm sure the kids appreciate it.Matt unfortunatly Iwill be out of town this week-end or I would meet you.I will PM you Lori's address and maybe you can put something in the mail.Thanks and hopefully we will have a good turn out.
As a proud member of the KRVSA this is right up my alley. Helping people that are less fortunite. I sure hope alot of people show up to support the SCAC. C-YA on the 28th Scott.
Stan and I have put it on our calendar. we are planning on staying at loughmans I think. Matt yoou know you can ride with us. You cant sleep in sleep in my camper though but you can drive home easy. So no excuses.
Thanks cntry! Nah, I don't need to sleep anywhere in no camper. I got my own bed.... this is my hometown. I wish I had the space and setup to offer that for you & Marci. Someday.

John glad to hear you and Stan are coming.Stan bring some of those buddies from Lake county.I think water may be down just a little.We'll show'em some dry runnin'. :twisted:
Looks like we will not be able to come to this one but you guys have fun and we will be thinking about you. Wish we could be there.
There will be additional parking/launching available at the lake harney woods boat ramp. Plenty of open space to unload and load dry or use ramp to unload. Only a 10 min. ride to jolly gator. PM me or Skeeter for more info. and directions.
Got a PM from Olf Art a week or so ago,stating that he would like my home address so he could send a donation for the cause.I got his donation today.$100.00 :D ,Thanks so much, it is greatly appreciated.Thought you deserved a public thank you.Sorry you will not be able to make it.
Geez, Skeeter ...... ya gotta tell everything you know :oops: ?

I just love kids and Christmas. When you put the two of them together I'm the world's biggest sucker.

Olf, If your in ne florida your not that far away. Anytime you want to come down and see this part of the river your more than welcome.Thanks for the generous donation.

Thank you sir. Mighty kind.

I've been wanting to put together a fishin weekend up here on the upper St. Johns. There are several little camps up this way where folks could get a chance to ride some deep water and fish for some things they're not accustomed to. I haven't done it because my boat's been down so long, but all that is about to change.

Maybe you and I, Red and a couple of others could put a ride together early Spring ? It would be a long tow for some, but the upper river can be real pretty that time of the year and no worries about enough water. There will be plenty.

What an outstanding day.We had 27 boats and raised $1200.00 for the kids.I cant say enough about the support we got today from the Airboating community that came out to support this cause.I had people come from all over the state. :D Thanks to the Southern Airboat members that traveled it's allways good seeing you guys again.
Thanks to Skeeter, Geneva0550, and all the SCAC members that made us feel at home on Saturday. We had a great time running in SCAC's neck of the woods and really enjoyed participating in the event. :thumbright:

Special thanks to Stan, Cntry, & Moodfood for helping me back on the boat after going for a swim! I guess those fence posts are needed in the river for something. :shock:
Glad you all had a great time. Wish we could have joined you. Once we sell the house in Naples...we will be able to join in on more runs like this.

Kudos to Olf. I do believe there is a big difference between a sucker and a kind hearted soul.