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Oh Loughman, Oh Loughman, Where have you gone?


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Well we hit it hard North of the Duck bling through switch grass and tussets, but we made it. What a ride. We had cold sodas (Lite) and lunch at Loughmans Sat afternoon. They are in need of some rain badly, buisness is slow. Salt Lk is inches deep across. Come on Rain Gods!
http://waterdata.usgs.gov/fl/nwis/uv?dd ... o=02232500

As you can see in the above graph, the water has come up there a couple inches in the past 18 ~ 24 hours. But it's STILL over 3 feet lower than the 70 year average for this time of year.

It's that dam they repaired at Lake Washington. I'll betcha! The week they said the repairs were done, the water in the Loughman area of the river dropped 3 feet in 3 days.

What is going to bring it back is when Melbourne area water level is restored and normal flow returns.

How close are we Melbourne guys??? Is your water back up yet?

I was looking at the same site earlier today only for 1-92 bridge. I think it is still a 1.5 low from avg. We still need a lot of rain!!!!!
Ya'll can have some of ours! Been almost everyday,(yeah I know it's rainy season). Water table comin' right up over here!
Can't get much outside work done.

Yeah we went out for about an hour on Saturday and we thought the water had come up but when we went back into a trail to get to Byrd Platt. well we got to Byrd Platt but there is no water out there at all. If some of you remember the ride here last August for the troops, the trails we took next to the first sort of island and went back, well no sign of water and it looks like a big jungle. It has rained here to 2 days though and pretty good rains. They say it is supposed to rain today so maybe that will help. But I think we still have a long way to go right now.
That trail is usually nearly dry tuntil the rainy season starts. Yall get down to Spade, I expect nothing there in the trail either N or S .

We did not go that far. We went as far as to take the trail to Byrd Platt but I am thinking that there is little or no water there right now. As far as I know right now people are taking the river to get to Bulldozer.
The cut at the Birdhouse or Duckblind heading to Loughmans has water in it. Not much but it has water, a liitle dry at the birdhouse but ok to pass through. Check it out they need the business.
I've been watching the water level guage (at the hwy 50 bridge in the main channel) every day.

Normal for this gauge is about 4 feet for this time of year.

For the past 2 months, it has been hovering around 1 foot. (since the repairs to the dam @ Lk. Washington)

The water level had slowly worked it's way up to 1.3 feet since the rains started.

48 hours ago, the water came up 6 inches in ONE DAY.

Since 48 hours ago, the water has come to a foot. The gauge currently reads about 2.5 feet.

Maybe the Lake Washington area is full now, and it spilling over the dam a little. Maybe they tweeked a flood gate somewhere.

All I can say is: IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!! :)

Glad to hear it GatorChaser.

Good to see you & Shawn out there yesterday. Thanks for helping me fill my fish cooler too, we ended up with nice mess of catfish. Great day out for my first trip in a while (since back problems).

Thanks again.