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Oil Capacity of a 572

They better have it filled it when you pick it up. It will have a 7 qts.capacity recommend 20w-50 synthetic. Did you get a 50 gal tank with that. They drink alot of fuel. Hope there is room in the channel for that badboy.
We do not put Synthetic Oil in an Engine until it is well broken in. We reccommend that you do not change the oil right away, put 25+ hrs on the break in oil. Your first oil change should be 40W Castrol then after 75+Hrs or when the engine is well broken in you can change to synthetic. We have seen many problems with putting synthetic oil in your engine too soon. Such as the rings not seating. Engine uses oil. Ect.

I will call GM Monday to double check oil reccommendations and oil capacity for you.

The part number listed is a 7qt oil pan in the book but I will see what they say on Monday and let you know. I will also ask them what oil they suggest for your location. (could be different)
Faron: Thanks for checking into that for me. When I cross referenced the filter for that engine I couldn't believe how small it was. No bigger than a softball. For an engine of that Displacement you'd think it would have a greater oil capacity and a larger filter.

Bob: I had'em put a 100 gallon on it. I'm going to use the boat a little broader this year then just the WMA's. Hoping to run the Platte a bit this summer and the Columbia as well.

Thanks again