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Oil Drain Plug 0360


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Anyone know size and number of thread per inch on the oil drain plug on Lycoming 0360 Im thinking 1/2 by 14 but not sure need to change after next oil change, would like to find one with magnetic end I know Cheif sells a quick drain plug for $ 99.00 little rich for a drain plug but that's aircraft!!! Thanks for any help Slide Safe :scratch: :rebel:
1/2x14 came to mind as well (but verify before buying)

https://www.jegs.com/i/Trans-Dapt/969/9064/10002/-1 $3.99

Thanks my brother, that is it!!! :cheers: the one at Chief avation is a 1/2 x 14 for 290,360,and 540 it is a quick drain all aircraft alum. but with a ticket of $99.00 plus shipping OUCH!!!! Thanks again slide safe!!! :santa: