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Oil filled or digital gauges???


I’m new to the Airboating world and I’m hooked for life. I got a big tub 16x8 Alumitech with a bbc. I’m having issues with some gauges on the boat and I’d like to know what y’all use. Mine are currently backlit with a white light and I’d prefer red.. like I said I’m new to the whole game and some advice would be awesome
My gauges are mostly sun lit and I have to squint to see them. At night I use my headlamp, it goes from white to yellow on my command (twist the knob). I do think the volt meter has a crappy bulb that is still kicking, but it's useless to me. None are oil filled or digital. All analog and mostly filled with condensation.

I always carry 2 backups, a regular flashlight and a lighter, just in case I run up on a concert or something.