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Hey all you car motor junkies...what kind of oil do the majority of you run? We are going to have a raffle at the Dec. ride and I need to know what kind of oil ya'll prefer. I think we'll do 1 case of aeroshell and 1 case of whatever you guys use and a maglight and a cooler.

Need brand and weight if it's that specific...

On all my conventional SBC’s with bearing clearances between .002 to .003 I run 20W50W Valvoline If the motor is loose or has hundreds of hours on it then I run straight 50W Valvoline. So for the average airboat car motor I would recommend 20W50W Valvoline Castrol would be my Second choice.
However, you can promo any brand you'd like cause essentially they are all nearly identical. But what do I know, its not like the oils are are being tested 20 ft from my desk...... :D
Mobil-one is always good to win--- I work for the other guys in Baytown Tx. Any major brand will work though.

What is the raffle for and are you looking for donations? You can PM with the details or put it on the Forum. If you are still looking for stuff let me know.
We just thought it would be a good idea to keep a little bit of money coming in at each ride to cover any expenses i.e. the pavillion ($75), postage for any thing we mail, etc...

Right now I had just planned on the 2 types of oil, and maybe a spotlight and a cooler or something. I have the money we raised at Kiss. and I'll buy it all out of that as well as pay Faron back for renting the pavillion.

If someone has any better ideas, by all means speak up but I know the oil is always a hit at KRVSA meetings.


I prefer whale oil when I can get it, LOL!
(That was a possible answer on an air-conditioning test I took)!

I will mirror Waterthunders Valvoline, (got one 302 here with 300,000+ miles on it with Valvoline only!

P.S. Does the winner have to be present to win? (Could I send somebody the money for the tickets)?

A person must have a winning ticket in hand at the time of the drawing...now that does not mean they can't give the prize away later :wink: So in other words, if you work out a deal with somebody then fine but as far as I'm concerned, the person holding the winning ticket wins. Keeps it simple that way.

There will be a time for the drawing but I'll figure that out later...probably noon or late in the afternoon before we leave. Oh yeah, there will be a 50/50 pot too!!

Now you know Basket Chris will have his own tickets I am sure but between me and you I can win with YOUR tickets. :lol: OOps, maybe I should have PM you with this. :D
On aircraft....the shell 100-W, on an engine with more than 50 hrs is good, the multi viscosty 15-50 semi syn is best. With lead in 100 octane avation fuel, the 15-50 is best when engines sit. It had additional additives that prevent corrosion, and additional anti wear. This oil reduced my opperation temp. by 15 deg.