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ok enough is enough


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does any one know anybody thats selling a 10ft hull aluminum or glass let me know some info i would help a bunch thanks ......10ft or smaller to be honest i would go 8x5 its small but it will ride out its for a bone stock 125 i just want it till i get enough money saved up to build what i want let me know thanks again
watch the classifieds here and on airboat trader. As long as your not expecting a hill burner you could even go to a 12' small hull like that old geillio I had. if you set it up right that motor should push you around fine then later if you upgraded to a larger motor you would better off with a 12 compared to a 8 or 10
i have a baby gilio hull 10 x 5 with pan cake cage and seat package on it was set up for a sbc but wa way to dangerous in good shape engine stand will come right off real easy id like to get 600 out of it
I have a 10 x 6 aluminum sled with full cage and grass rake and rudders .It also has an engine stand for a 4 cyl lycoming flat mount but it may need reworking to fit your motor. Its got a stainless bottom so its a little heavy but I'd sell it for that 600 dollar neighborhood too. Just be aware this is no lake boat but then again neither is an 8 x 5.
Honestly hope your not interested though I wanna put a Jet Ski motor on this puppy but I could use the money more right now.
are you still having problems with that set up?? i have had some motors that would scream even run the hill does every thing check out ok with your motor. compressionans such. is it a gpu or aircraft??? i know where there might be a 10 ft fiberglass with slick bottom that can be gotten right. ill check and pm when i find out.