Operation Airboat II


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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing another run for the troops in order to come with some care packages for the guys and gals overseas???

A1mudpuppy and I were thinking that the weekend of December 2nd would be good. That will give us plenty of time to send the stuff off and it get there before Christmas.

I thought we could also include some actual soldiers in the run...I know I can come up with 6-12 right now...many of them are recent vets of the wars in Iraq and the 'Ghan and one even goes back as far Grenada (he's still kicking!!).

Any thoughts on places to do this??? Preferably not way, way down south....sorry guys but they would have to drive and that's a long way from North Florida. Maybe Citrus County or any where else where there is some marsh worht riding. Let's brainstorm.

I will be working on a mailing list and a contents packing list just in case we decide to run with this one.....

Adam count me in I have a place on Hernando CCAA we have a meeting place in the marsh. plus there is a place called Armantes.
BPS sounds good, i'll be returning from iraq a couple days prior to that and will be ready to take the boat out so count me in. as far as the packages it takes about a week for mail to get here.
Well as usual, I have a problem. I have to work the weekend of Dec 2/3 and Dec 9/10. Oh well, maybe I'll figure something out. I think ya'll should still run with this though either way. The only free weekends I have now are Nov 25/26 and Dec 16/17. I don't want to interfere with Matt and Laura's wedding on the 18th. Don't worry about me for this though.

What's the matter with Dec 16th? Works for me. We can make it THE monthly SA ride. Citrus County sounds good too. We haven't been in that neck of the marsh. BPS I would be more than happy to help you get stuff together. Let me know. Will you be at the KRVSA meeting tomorrow night?

Unless we get a LOT of rain real soon, don't make it Citrus County, or at least not whats left of the Hernando/Potts marsh which is now just dry and muddy. Don't want to be a party pooper but right now it ain't worth it. Lots and lots of dry.
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the ride and the best days are Sundays for me thru the end of the year (lots of club stuff in Dec.).

I'd like to take part in another run for the troops. That is a VERY good cause. Think about it.... Our people out there in front of the world.... and if I can put a smile on one of their faces, it'll spread to another and another... and that can make a difference in the world!!

Alright - LOL pie in the sky.... but really. I want to take part of this too. Just say when and where. If I can't go in person on the run - (that's about the time of our honeymoon) I want to donate some baby wipes, hot rod magazines, and some candy.

Get that list out. Let's make it happen!!!!.

I remember plastic "shoe boxes" from walmart made good containers for the care packages.

Way to go Adam. You of all people would know how to get these things to the right people in the fastest way.


OK sounds like we have some people to make this happen but like Swampjet says we need rain. Citrus would be great place to ride marsh if the water comes up. Is there any other places to go? We need to keep it Central for the soldiers that may come.

I would like to make a weekend that BPS could make it.

Maybe put it to a vote and one for places to ride.

Swampjet how low is low?
Would love to make it. HUntin' season and all. Our son spent nine months and is getting ready for another tour. He'll be home on his 21st birthday in January, then off again. If we can't make it , tell us what you need.
just like 550 said 415 to 520, haven't been home in 4 months but there was water when i left
Orange Lake/ Cross Creek/ Lockloosa ..... not a lot of water in the marsh right now, but there's plenty of good ridin in the main bodies, it's airboat friendly, and it's closer to GA where the guests will be coming from.
Plenty of lodging in the area too.

46 to 528 would be one hell of a run and there is nice fish camps along the way.Lodging at Loughman ,KOA, Best Western within 10 minutes of ramp.Water is good.Poker run went great last weekend.Just an idea.
December 16 would be cool with me. That is a three day weekend for me. I don't have a problem with the St. Johns. I've never been there before. Even if we aren't able to get the stuff there by Christmas they will still love the fact that somebody cared enough to send them in the first place, I'm sure.

This time I would recommend that we:
a) Ask for pre-packed but unsealed packages (I spent several days sorting and packing the last batch)
b) Organize some sort of assembly line to pack the stuff that day.

Also, any donations for postage would be greatly appreciated. We'll hash all that out later though.

I may be in and out of the loop for the next week or so but I'll try and keep up with anything on here.

Thanks everyone!!!

Let me know Adam and I will organize a route plan and volunteers for the day of the run.I know the owner of Loughman's Ill see what I can do for PR from them also,Well have a hell of a weekend.
I am in for it. I am with Ms. Wizard, that date is fine with me. I will be out for Christmas break those 2 weeks after so if there is anything that I can do please let me know. Where ever is good for me too. I think it is a great idea!!!
Thanks Skeeter for the offer, I am not familiar with that area at all so I could definitely use some help with route planning. I would like to keep the actual ride fairly informal, just go out and have a good time with no commitment to be anyone place at any certain time.

Dakota and Mrs. Wizard, I know the two of you will be instrumental in making this one go off without a hitch, thanks!!

I'll come up with a packing list in the next few days...

Woodswoman, if you see this could you help me with some sort of news release?? I can come up with something and maybe you could edit it and help me get it out there???

BPS sounds good all be home the hole month of Dec. before leaving again.

I just noticed you live by camp blanding god have spent some horrible days and nights at that place