Operation Airboat II

Loughman's restaurant will be closing down at 6:00 for Diamondback's Christmas party. However, we will have 2 bands set up for the party and all airboats and campers participating in the run for soldier's are welcome to stay and enjoy the live music.
Ifin cheryl doesn't havta work saturday( won't know till about thursday) we will be out with the camper, sorry no mobile internet access , still on dial up at the house.
Yes Mims post office closes at noon. I can bring a trailer and ship everything from my office Monday,let me know. :idea:
I had plans to attend Operation Airboat II but I had to cancel due to scheduling conflicts with employment related Christmas socials. :-( I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!.....Hey Mood, the Sprint broadband cards work well at Loughman's I just wish I could be there to show you.
The odds are in our favor 70% chance it won't rain. Even if we get alittle rain the pastures will be that much better running.
It don't look like 'big feather', Ann and I will be coming after all.
Our son David is in a hospital in Atlanta, and granny is already up there.

I'm sure he's going to be fine, but I wanted to apologize to Skeeter, Adam and all of the others that have worked so hard for this VERY worthwhile event because I had promised to participate too.

I'm going to cancel our reservation at the Super 8 for Friday night so if they were booked-up, there will be a room available there shortly.

I will be hoping that y'all kick butt on Saturday. I'm good for it if you run short on money for postage :)

Wait a sec - I thought the Diamondback party was off site? (Off site and the topic was Loughman - led me to believe it was NOT at loughman) I asked days ago about this.

Thanks for clearing that up Bobby and thanks for the invite for those of us participating in the charity event.

It'll still go well as planned - we're folks who know how to get it done.

See you there early Dakota and all the camping friends - You want me to stop and buy some hot coffee? ;)

Looking forward to this one! :)

Thanks Adam. A little more bad news with today's tests, but at least we know how to go on from here.

He will have to do a few things different in the future. If he doesn't, he won't live to see 40. Simple as that.

Do we still need to bring a laptop or are we doing it at the Post office. I have one with a aircard and a printer if need be just let me know

One last thing, I got my order of American Flags (16x12) into day and will be giving them out Saturday. I got these just for this occasion off Ebay So
Any body that would like to put one on their Airboat or truck make sure you see me

Sorry to here about your son Olf Art Hope everything will be fine.
Thanks A1 .... looks like he'll be OK. All my boys have danced with the Devil. You can blame me for that. Aaron was the first, and he lost. He died at the age of 29. David is the oldest and I think he's finally 'got it' now.

Shannon, the youngest, is watching big brother. Hopefully he'll catch on too.

Olf art...sorry to hear about your son. I know things will work out for him. He has his family's support.


Bring it on please! The laptop would be so...much easier and faster! Will still have to have a USPS account to be able to print if I'm not mistaken?

Mood did you say that you had an account?