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Orange Flags


I simply cut down an over the road lumber marking flag made from porous nylon scrim (picked up off the highway), attached it to a cut down CB SS whip with washers welded on at 12" centers, mounted on a spring base mount and have no problems in several trips out. I fly the Stars and Stripes above the required orange flag and mine are way up over the required 10 feet from the deck. No problems yet.
Most all of the equiptment rental places have them, Wide load markers
and hiway caution flags.
I bought orange flags from hanover flags. I think it http://www.hanoverflags.com but I'm not sure. $5.00 each minimum order of $25.00. If the web address is wrong just google hanover flags. Nothing better than shipped to your door.
here is the orange flags that they sell at most of the air boat shops around here they come with a fiber glass pole If you need one PM me and I can get them for you
the wal-mart fall apart dont comply now.

but if you look in the classifieds I can but one in your mail box for 5 bucks.,
Welcome to the forum Feather. Were glad you joined us :)

Your question about flags.

It is my understanding you can not wear them, they have to be on a flag pole 10' off the bottom of the boat.

I know, I know, ok ...... like most things in a safety inspection they have to be in good condition. I suspect at some point the amount of wear and the utility of it beceome quite subjective in the minds/eyes of the officer. So a short general answer might be yes.

Glad your here man

here are some flags I can get I have had mine on for 1 1/2 years and never take it down and it has lasted pm me and I'll get some for you