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c chardt

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every one that is coming on this ride has to have a orange flag for their boat we are reqired in this area to run one.
CC .... did they give you any specs. for it, like how high, what kind of mast ?

It has to be 10 ft from the bottom of the boat and I think like like a 10x10 square of bright orange but thats for this area
You can get a nice one at walmart in the women's clothing dept.


Even glows in the dark. But hurry before they get rid of all the haloween clothing.

I read somewhere that it must be 10 x 12. But I can't imagine they being sticklers on that rule so long as you have something visible & have made an honest effort to comply.
Reads as follows:

"No person shall use an airboat on the area unless such airboat is equipped with an orange flag at least 10" wide and 12" long displayed at a minimum height of 10 ft above the bottom of the vessel"

Hope this helps. I know diamondback sells them.
A lot of clubs sell them. I know Broward and Palm Beach do. They are a good idea any where you ride. Maybe a Southern Airboat Flag would go over well in the store?
Muddy, I LIKE that idea .... no reason it can't have an SA logo on it !

Rick, if you'll make em' I'll buy one.

I'd like to have some in the store, but I can't seem to find a good supplier. I'll keep looking though.

We bought ours from Diamondback. They sell the flag & pole for about $15.00.
Cajun, the only thing I can think of is a stainless whip might attract more lightning on a stormy day.

I've been thinkin' about mounting a marine VHF radio on my old boat anyway though, and the antenna would be a natural place for the flag as long as it was 10' above the bottom of the hull. Works for me.

What most of us in citrus county use is a long whip c.b. stainless antenna. You know ,the redneck pickup style. Then cut off about 12 to18 inches of the top. Reason is when it whips around from a turn or a 360 ,if you leave it long it WILL smack you in the head! WHUMP UP SIDE THE HEAD! Your not done yet, you now weld (stainless) 2or 4 small stainless washers at the appropriate distances (as per the grommet holes) for the flags. Then the flags can be mounted with nylon zipties. If you dont have a mounting bracket already on your rigging, you can use a c.b. mirror mount like on big trucks, best placed back above rudders.
The problem with fiberglass is they break when they smack things like trees and other stuff.

Do ya put a spring on the bottom or its forgiving enough without the spring? Also do ya'll tie them down when pulling them on trailer? Thanx for the info. Later Cajun
Yes, I do have a large spring on mine and I pull it forward over the cage and tuck it under a bungee cord when trailering.
Top of my cage is 8' from the floor of the boat, if I wanted couldn't I just have a 2' rod on top that I can fold down when not needed? Or is it best to just mount it down one side and leave longer to reach the 10' mark?Sorry to be such a pain, just want to do it right the second time. Already bought one of those bike flags and built a mount for it and mounted it to the top of cage, now its all for nothing. Starting over again. Later Cajun

I got kinda a short one like you're talkin about. I just strap it down with a small rope while trailoring.