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Here is a draft of the letter I am going to include in every package. Does anyone have any suggestions or revisions?
Operation Airboat

Dear Service member,

This package is a token of our appreciation for your service to our country. This package was put together using donations from the men and women who are members of Southern Airboat Online( We are an online community of airboat enthusiasts.
This package contains various items that we hope will help you perform your day to duties better or perhaps they will be comfort of sorts to help you get through each day a little easier. We have included letters from children at various schools throughout Florida as well.
Among our members we have many former service members as well as family members of individuals currently serving. We understand the difficult job you have day in and day out and we want you to know that WE SUPPORT YOU!! During Operation Airboat, the event that was organized in order raise these donations, we had members drive over 800 miles in order to donate some of the goods included in this package. We raised over $450 for shipping costs alone! We are definitely behind YOU 100%.
Southern Airboat Online would love to hear how any suggestions on what we can do to improve on this package so that we can continue to send better packages to more soldiers in the future.


SSG Adam Wetherington
2/211th RTI
Camp Blanding, FL

For some reason it didn't format right when I put it on here, but my actual letter has the right paragraph format and everything.
Looks GREAT Adam. One typo I saw...

" perform your day to duties" should have an extra "day" in there.

Sounds like you know from experience what they are going thru, what will help them and I really like the fact that you shared with us so we can do something about it.

Great letter... Great idea in the first place. :)

My wife caught those typos before I printed the first copy. Thanks for your input. I've been making boxes all morning. We have 14 done and haven't put a dent in the donations. :D

Here you and Nichole are on TV Adam.

The pic was fuzzy a little... I'll see if I can get my camera set right by the time they re-air it in a couple of hours.

Sounds great Adam.

About this part:

blackpowderscout":1s0kapb9 said:
Southern Airboat Online would love to hear how any suggestions on what we can do to improve on this package so that we can continue to send better packages to more soldiers in the future.

The whole thing was a great idea and I'm all for doing more rides dedicated to "Operation Airboat" if everyone else is.

If you need help with the packages or anything, let me know.

"MORE RIDES DEDICATED...." You know the time and money it takes to do this is so little in comparison to what the troops are doing. I can only speak for me and mine but we would be glad to do something on every ride for them. If all stuff to do it is there we could all pitch in and put the packages together in an assembly line fashion probably in less than a hour. We wait that long makin sure I get there anyways, LOL But I did good this time.
Rick and are both right. I always like to look back on things I do to see how it could have been done better and this is no different. I think that the next time we do this we may try the "assembly line" idea. That's what I'm doing here. I organized everything according to "type" of item and just go down the line placing a little of everything in each box. You guys did excellent in picking up stuff. We have equal amounts of everything!! It probably would be faster to do it this way on site and everyone could have a role and it would be all the more special. Also, I will definitely have a dedicated cargo vehicle to make 100% sure I can get everything home.

I am waiting on some stuff from ABW and then I will be able to send off the packages hopefully NLT this weekend.