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Panther Airboats offer diverse applications for Australia


Airboats are rare in Australia, being most commonly associated with the Everglade regions of American Southern States such as Florida and Louisiana.

But the unique attributes of the airboat make it an ideal vehicle for Australian environments and the new Australian importer for the American-built Panther airboat has high expectations of the machine in the Asian marketplace.

"The Panther airboat is.....

Here's the rest: http://www.gizmag.com/go/1982/
What a cool website .... I know where I'll be spending part of this weekend!

Just think guys, while you wouldn't really be able to use it through tall weeds, retractible wings at the right point of the boat without the skirt and down blow fans and you have a ground effect vehicle. Set of wings up front canard style linked to rudder for steering and wing about 2/3 back for lift. might have to set your stick up like an aircraft and do foot steer. Some of the things in the back of my mind but I have to build a boat first!
Ye'sir, building a boat and gettin some seat time is what you need to do, Cold ..... your requirements will likely change after that.