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Panther gear reduction unit - Oil


I have found the MAGIC blue oil for the gear unit. Can anyone tell me how much to put in?
Im over here in Australia & The magic oil comes from Texas Oil Refinery SAE 90 GEAR OIL.
Is it a Rotator gear box if so the standard width gearbox takes a quart like bonndsman said but if it is the new wide gear like I have it takes about a quart and a half
Tell me how wide the case is and I can tell you how much it needs. The older narrow gear take a tad over a pint and the new wide gear takes a tad over a quart!
are you sure that it is sae 90 i think that is to thin. we run the counter rotator (two props counter rotating) and that box uses 90 i think the standard box uses thicker oil, just better double check
Sorry guys, it is a counter rotating gear unit from Panther. Any ideas on how much oil to put in to this sucker!!! :oops: