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PCV valves


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Since i put the gear box on it seems my pcv valve won`t keep up.On a buick it`s in the back of the intake,would it work better on the valve cover? My compression is good and the leak down is good,any suggestions?What about a vacuum pump?Where would I get one?do they make them 12 volt or are they belt driven? :dontknow: I did recently have to replace one piston and had the heads completely rebuilt,thats when I tested every thing.I don`t blow alot of oil,just enough to know it`s there,about 1quart every 4th or 5th ride.
Joe, a bunch of folks that know a lot more about this than me will hopefully weigh in on this, but I'd say to get rid of that PCV valve altogether and just run a good size breather on both valve covers.

You engine might even quit using oil when you do. JMO
I agree w/Ken....I like to use the shrouded-style K+N filters..Just aim the open side toward the prop and the negative pressure of the prop will work as good or better than an electric pump and with less parts to fail....JMO

Jegs or Summit on-line ...... they'll be in your hands by Wednesday. You'll need a small hole saw to drill the covers, and probably a couple of valve cover gaskets too when you put them back on after drilling the holes.
I`ll go to summit now,I don`t like jegs.Last time I called them they told me to get a real motor a quit messing with a junk buick :shock: We had WORDS :evil: Luckily my valve covers are set up for breathers,Nice set of old kenne bell aluminum covers.