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Peace River Low clearance bridges or other Hazards?

Mossy Cypress

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We are planning a Peace river trip shortly. It's been a LONG time since I last visited the river and it will be the first time visiting via airboat so I'm asking those of you who frequent the river for some basic knowledge. I just want it to be a safe trip for me and my family so I'm asking if there are any low clearance bridges that may be questionable or any other major hazards that I should be aware of, any advice/local knowledge would be appreciated! Thanks ahead of time!
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No issues of low bridges when going up river from Charlotte Harbor all the way to Arcadia. There is an old wooden bridge just above the Canoe Outpost in Arcadia that is impassable in an airboat. Lots of new sandbars and stumps, even in the middle of the main river all the way up. Just cruze at a reasonable speed and watch the water. The river has lots of places to pull up now, with all the new beaches from the last few storms. Pack a cooler and enjoy the ride. Enjoy the unspoiled wilderness.
Nothing is marked as far as a channel after the Navigator Restaurant (just reopened and food is great). Most of the way up you can follow the crab trap lines or other boats. Lots of places make a wrong turn into dead end up river. Take a look at a navigational map before you go.
Thank you for all the up to date info and advice, I really appreciate it! If it's anything like it was 30+ years ago it will surely be enjoyable. I have a mudboat as well, is the wood bridge passable by mud boat? That may be another option. I do plan on visiting the navigator restaurant, is there a boat ramp there as well? Do you have any suggestions on the safest place to leave my truck/trailer and the best ramp to use while down there?
The bridge is passable with a mud boat or canoe. The farther you go up river, the rocks increase. There is a small ramp at the Navigator. The best boat ramp is at Lettice Lake (public). When you come out on the main creek from Lettice Lake you will be at the Navigator. If you run to the Canoe Outpost, it's a least 30 miles by water with all the twist and turns. Bring plenty of gas. If the wind is blowing, put in at either place. You do not want to run open water on a windy day.