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Personal Experience



About three years ago I was considering buying a new American Airboat. I had seen some of their boats and remembered Stan When he was building boats on the Gulf freeway between Houston and Galveston. I called American Airboats no less than five times and told the lady I was shopping for a new boat and ask to talk with Stan. I never talked to him nor did he return any of my calls. On my final call the lady told me Stan was very busy and I agreed that must be to busy to sell me a new boat. With in an hour after that Faron called, still no Stan. Needless to say I went somewhere else for my boat. and have no regreats.
How's it going Waterthunder, I have spoke with you before in reference to your opinion on gear ratios for a big block, I plan on following your recommendation. I bought a 16' Robicheaux, polymer, belt, 450hp 502. I actually bought the hull and ss rigging and did everything else myself.
Hi TX Gulf Coast, Sorry that your call was not returned promtply. We do receive a large number of phone calls and e-mails daily. There is no excuse for someone not getting back it touch with you. We do strive to make sure everyone is taken care of. It's not always possible to make everyone happy.
We have made a few changes in order to keep up closer with customers. We no longer offer kit boats and stay out of the parts business for the most part. We have been very busy with turn key models and we want to strive to have top notch service.
I hope that future dealings can be more pleasant for you.
Faron Floyd
Capt.2, apology excepted. At that time I was actually shopping for a finished airboat.
TX GulfCoast - You bought a boat from Mark's or someone else that built a Robicheaux hull. Just curious.

There are a few of those builders that make just a few hulls in a year. I have always been impressed with the quality and pride in their work. They are doing the welding or engine work themselves and rig it out like they are going to own it. They go the extra mile all the time, even on little jobs and make sure the customer is happy and completely satisfied with the rig they got. I have been running that Kline since 1997 and he still calls me back (even after two hurricanes hit their neck of the woods). Customer satisfaction is the best sales pitch there is.