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Picking a Prop for your mini.

TCL Customs

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Ok im about to this point so i figured i would go ahead and make this for everyone in the future.... everyone that knows about prop companys or makes props post here about prop websites and who has the best deals thanks everyone...

ok only one i know about is http://www.arrowprop.com i dont know if they are the cheapest but ive seen a few people on here are buying from them... any other post will be greatly appreciated

HASCON WING fans <----Link

Are like a wide blade warp drive. Same type of adjustable pitch hub and mount method, they are VERY REASONABLE in price!!! Check the link above and look at the pdf of their prices. 50" 5 blade prop: $219.99

Spare blades are $30

I've never tried this or seen it tried - but this is one of the props we are considering for our mini.

They also come in a FLANGE mount or a SHAFT mount.

These are out of the hovercraft industry.

Has anyone ever tried one of these?

Powerfin makes one of the best props out there but the company is a pain to deal with. If they tell you a month double it. IVO also makes a good prop.