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Pictures of the Area


croc1 took some nice pictures of the Salt Springs/Lake George area this weekend. They're posted in his gallery.

Here's my favorite:

I just noticed the Lake county sign. I believe Lake county has a muffler law.

I run with a flag I spoke with the fwc 4 th of july weekend and he said yes to about six areas and no to about six areas in about a 10 square mile area what I gathered was to run it or put it up and take it down every mile. not sure about salt springs though.
Salt Run is in Marion, Lake George from Salt Run north is in Putnam,Lake George from Salt Run south is in Volusia,part of Silver Glen run is in Lake then Marion all idle,if going in the run do not have alcohol on board ,Juniper Run Lake slow then Marion idle Volusia deputys check for mufflers ,FWC for idle and slow zones ,also idle across Silver Glen Run were it meets the lake.not heard of any db's being checked on the lake.southern boat ramp is in lake but ends at the water were were volusia begins.
Maybe everybody should follow Stan

If Stan takes his hat off everybody does
If Stan stands up everybody does
And if Stan hops into the water .................. :)

Stan, just kiddin but we were at the southend landing a few days ago(Lake County Airboat Club) & looking north on the ramp there is a big structure off to the east. Looked like a big fence or something running north & south & all the boats coming south toward the river were slowing down to abt wake speed looked like. Could you please tell us what that is out there? You can just barely see a bit of it in the pic above.

Thanx, Gben
it's called the jettie's it was installed maybe over a hundred years ago when the sand bar was dredge out . water gets pretty shallow on either side.
Thanx Stan,

Neither of us won. We guessed all kinds of things like WWII mooring docks but none that came close. :)

We need a boat, need a boat, need a boat :)