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Pitch and Length


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I have a 66x46 wood prop that I can only turn up to 2500rpm. Would a 70x32 or somthing like that size help me turn up around 27, 2800rpm?
that sounds like a good guess to start with but your up there around a bunch of airboaters . try to see if anyone will let you spin a few different blades even if it's just on the trailer to see how that ford will spin them. or spend the extra on a composite and adjust the the pitch to where that motor can handle
Dannix 48, when it comes to pitch and length, it is important to know what you are looking for or what you think is more important. Length or prop dia. always trumps pitch, that doesn't mean you don't think about pitch. The bottom line is this if you are looking for more push you want more length and rarely that much more pitch. Between the two props the longer one with less pitch should give you more performance. In the near future I will write an article about the correlation between pitch and length or prop correlation. ZZ