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Places to airboat near Covington, Louisiana?

Hello Everyone. Can anyone tell me if there are any fairly large areas to run an airboat on the Northshore? (Slidell, Covington, Mandeville, Hammond areas) Any information you can provide me with will be greatly appreciated.


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my son just moved to covington and i was wondering the same. i would love to have a place to ride when i go visit
Smokster, thanks for the reply. Please let me know if you here of any good places to operate airboats near the Covington area, other than the normal lakes and rivers and I will do the same for you. Unfortunately, most of the marsh or flat grass areas around this area are already leased or owned by large corporations or individuals and are considered as "private property" and not to be trespassed on, especially with an airboat. Apparently, the fines or criminal charges can be quite costly and definitely not worth it.