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Places to ride in Louisiana!!

We'll I have owned my airboat for a little over a year now. I have done a whole lot of work to it to get it where it is now and the way I like it. The only thing that is giving me problems is that after taking it out these past few months I have found the hull could use some work.
So my big question is before I go and buy a new hull is there anywhere to ride legally in south Louisiana. You can not ride on any WMA, or reserves, or private land (which is every where). So basically there is no where to ride in an area that I could not take a regular outboard in.
When I got my airboat I was really excited but as I worked on it and would be looking into place to take it I found shut down at every option. So my question is where are you guys in southern LA riding, I am located in Luling but travel to Houma to Fourchon to Venice. Oh yeah, I built it to bowfish out of and do a little of duck hunting from. If I can not find places to go then there will be one more boat in the classified and I will be getting a surface drive!!


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The Atchafalaya Basin has acres and acres you can ride in. Other than that you are correct most everything else is privately owned and you need permission from the land owner to ride an airboat on their property.


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the basin when the water is low is a great place to ride. just watchout for the stumps!


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Jopete I'd like go ride in the basin one weekend after huntin season holla at me if ya intrested in goin burn some avgas!


I see I'm a little late here but, if you want to bowfish you can go all over the coast. We have bowfished from hopedale to cocodrie and most places in between. I know people that fish further west but I have not had the need to go that far. There is more marsh to fish than you will ever have gas for. And, except for the leeville area, I have never come across another bowfishing boat while I was out. Feel free to message me if you still have problems.