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plowing hull

18' Alumatech, 454, 2-1 reduction gear, 78" 3 blade stump puller...terrible plowing issue. ran a string along the bottom this afternoon and i have a severe hook (over an inch) midship... i am planning on building a jack and try to get the bottom flat. I am going to start with one jack and see how much i can straighten it out... Have i missed anything? I am fairly new to the airboat scene and would appreciate any suggestions.
you are on the right track!! search on here and also google search hull jack pics to get an idea of what u want.

I put one mudship on my 15' car motored hull and it made a night and day difference.
Just finished a total restore and here's what I found!
The aluminum hull will also cup in-between the tbars that also will cup over time perpendicular!

Big market for used hulls that should technically go get recycled for beer cans unless you really want to save it.

Most just buy new and sell there junk to be questioned on here later on.