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Plug wires


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Where does everybody get their plug wires from? I need new wires for my O470 and automobile wires are too short. Where can I buy a roll of wire and terminals?

Thanks everybody! I found them at CarQuest...
napa has kinda gone down the shitter here, looks like car quest might be a better choice, but things can change, whos who , and where?
NAPA still has a lot of quality products (we just got a new kind of spark plug wires too, they are very abrasion and heat resistant, and look purty!)
and a lot of qualified personnel. Of course, you might run into someone who is new to NAPA and doesn't know the lines that well, or they might be having a bad day or something....

I'd be glad to help anybody on the site with any NAPA related stuff I can, part no's and such. Just send me a message and I'll do my best to find you what you need.