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Pond Lizard stories


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Has anyone taken any good Gator pic?
I had some fun here in N. Fl. First the bang fell off the stick on an 11ft, then tried the standby pistol, powder was wet, bullet stuck in the gun, then broke the knife tip off in the skull. managed to hog tie him till he woke up on the front of the boat while at the bar. Next day he had moved a few things around in the marina's walk in cooler, borrowed a gun, drug him out shot him again. Next yr. I hope to be better prepared, but I beleave I said that the last 2 years.. Still was the most fun I had all Yr.
http://www.southernairboat.com/photopos ... photo/1883
Bo Jackson hunt 2003

Daryll Woorley 2002


Actually, I met Daryll after one of his concerts here in Melbourne.

He wanted to pose for the picture for his buddies back home.

He said the most dangerous thing they hunt are deers in rut.

Great guy, he's got an open invation anytime he want to hunt with us.
Well i don't know how to post a picture but got one pic of a 12'8" taken from Kissimmee 2nd night of the hunt[/img]
Looks like a good gator. Did you shoot him with a cross bow or bow. Looks like a bow from pic. but can't really tell.
Thanks Rick for sticking it in here. They shoot it with a bow. They stuck it last year with a harpon tip, which was still in it. Sorry about how dark the pic was, but it was a nice one. It was almost longer than the boat they got it in.