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Poor man's Cadillac


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Hey ya'll,

One year ago next month my boat was a dream! I had been give a choice of a new truck or a new airboat from my loving wife! (History of my username "basketcase"... only thing before this new I'd ever owned was a brand new Murray riding mower)! Blue collar for all, and for the rest of my life. I'll never own a new truck. My boat is my new truck/Cadillac.

The decision to have Diamondback build my boat was very easy! After speaking to a couple of Diamondback owners last year, being told of the way the company stands behind their boats, and seeing the quality of the craftmanship it was a "no brainer"! The build was to be "set-up" for future counter-rotator installation with a long belt drive for the new airboater that I am, to add the counter rotator in the future as I did not have the money for it at the time the build. To answer someones question...Yes there are a lot of Diamondbacks out there because they truly are the Cadillac of airboats! Too much to post here but the company has and continues to stand behind my boat and every Diamondback owner I've ever talked to!

Cntry 141 is my friend,(and airboating mentor)! He knows this is my Cadillac and saw the problems I was having. Ask this man anything about airboating and hang on to your hat when you hear his answer! (If there was a written or driving test for airboating I would consider him to be at the instructor/professor level)! I have on numerous occasions asked his opinion of my boat and the answer was always right on the money! Even the "spierenced" airboater can learn from this man IF THEY LISTEN! I had once again asked him for help but this time we got into"@ssholes and alligators" neck deep! Never thought the "pot-shots" from other people toward my friend would fly so fast, so far.

Southern Airboat is the best d@mn tool that airboaters have right now besides supporting thier local/regional club to keep our heritage and love of the outdoors and airboating alive! Where else can one learn so much from so many "spierenced" airboaters for free! No one person or company should ever abuse or put this website into jepordy because I and many new airboaters would be lost souls without it. I did request the thread be "sent to heaven" as it appeared to be doing nothing positive for ALL the people involved in it!
DECISION ON MY PART! (Thank you Rick).

My boat is no longer for sale.
Stay tuned...

Well said Basket. Good luck with your boat, it will work out.

One a side note,
I see you didn't buy the new truck. I bought your basketcase airboat. I have replaced, rebuilt and exsorsised the evil spirits from every part of the boat and trailer. I have worked on EVERY part on it in one way or another. It's repaired for the most part and doing well. Next time it will be the new boat.

That's good news. I'm glad you are keeping the boat. As far as cntry is concerned, we have not made him sit facing the corner of the room with a dunce hat on YET :wink: . He's a big boy and can take of himself.

And cntry, believe me I understand your frustration at the lack of interest in making the boats quiet even after you showed how easy and economical it is :cry: . Your day will come.

He said he allways bought projects all his life, never new. I was joking about the fact that had he bought the new truck instead of the new boat, he would have ended up with the basketcase boat I bought. :lol:

I look forward to meeting you at the ride Mood.
Thanks to all, no problem. I decided to just leave it alone and go burn some gas. I found a really neat place to frog with lots of frogs very few boats. No sign from the road indicating it even exists, miles of driving off the main hwy. but a friend of mine who cant airboat anymore said it was there and I believed in him and it was just like he said. The only challenge other than hoping there is something there when you get there is that you have to dump your boat on the hill and drive through hog wallows and tall grass to get in the water but once there the frogs were every where. I don't know how many I could have gigged but I only gig what I want at the time anyways that way there may be some there next time.

Glad to hear it worked out basket in a way that you can live with. If your happy, I am happy, you werent happy before and if you truly are now well that is all that matters. I have thick skin so anything directed at me didn't really matter and I knew what your feelings were and the rest was just rumors and inuendos.
Basket, I know what you mean about always owning cars and things from the backrow of the lousyest lots. TRUST ME! there is a GOD. After trying to put togeter a boat on a budget, (yea right) , my EX-WIFE called and asked if I wanted a settlement on the house in the form of a check! Thats right. I ended up with a new boat. Thats not all, last week I bought a new truck. IS THIS A GREAT COUNTRY OR WHAT!!!! You too are worthy!!

Got a brother-in-law goin through an 18 yr. "d-i-v-o-r-c-e", (was it Tammy Wynette that sang that song)? Now I'm showing ya'll how old I really am! Maybe he'll be in the woods with us soon. Took me a couple of trys to find Ms. Basketcase but will never kick her out of bed for snoring!

I can't work on the new vehicles anyway so I do guess that good things happen for a particular reason. 71 Ranchero(lots and lots of bodywork), 70 Winnebago(basketcase#15), 79 F-100 (owned it too long, can't get rid of it)!