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Looking for a little help.I have a 12-6 by 7-6 alumitech with a GO480,74inch Q series.The boat hops when I get over 2500-2600 rpms,which isn't a big deal.I bent the tab down in the rear and that pretty much cured it except in skinny water it still hops.the only thing is after running a lot of hill the tab gets bent back up.And I aint putting no trim tab on it.Anty help would be greatly appreciated.thanks.
Do you have poly? If so, just take a piece of aluminum or something about an 1/8" to a 1/4" thick about 2" to 6" wide and slide that between the poly and hull bottom. Remember to loosen the poly screws and tighten afterward.
If you don't have poly then just keep a hammer on board for adjustments.
Another place to look is a jack.

Yes,it has poly.But even with the tab bent it still hops in skinny water.And it has jacks.The boat runs great,just hoping to improve it.
Then try the shim trick by shimming between poly and hull. That works in most cases.

the boat I have now does that but the elec trim tab works great just readjust trim . my boats hopping is form a former owner jacking up the back of the engine to get a bigger prop on there I believe and plan to fix that next week after the ride
Bob's right...save a bunch of time and just put a shim between the polymer and hull...it's the same concept as a wedge on a slick bottom hull....it works.

Mine came from the builder with a 1/4" piece of poly between the 3/8" and the hull at the rear. Haven't ever had a problem but haven't ever run without it.