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Potter at PRI event Orlando invatation.


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Potter called me a while ago and said if anybody wants to come over to the show he can get you in. He will be there till Sat. He has one of his bad Cadillac's engines on a land and sea dyno. The # to reach is931 212 4652 It's not open to the public so a cool invitation
I should have asked him to bring me my new distributor. I could have just picked it up.

Welcome to Florida Potter! Have some fun while you are here!

Working on it now Crabby. I'm headed up to ACE & NAPA right now. Stop by say hi. I gotta change the oil, and get screws to mount my GPS. WITH ANY LUCK, the new distributor will be delivered today by UPS today. Swap out the distributor, and ride. Stan said he'd help me change the distributor - he's got the mac-daddy timing light!

THe little boat is running fine. I had it out this morning already. Wanna go riding? Just need to re-fuel that one.

Did you see the 2 F-16's fly over Lake Jesup this morning? Came in and landed at SAnford Airport. I wonder if it had to do with the shuttle launch. Odd to see fighters landing at a civilian airport. One fighter tailgating another all the way to the runway. Quite a sight to see.