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Potts Preserve


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Thinking of taking a trip down to Potts for the first time where would be the best place to put my boat in . I guess I would try to get a place to stay in Hernando .


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The public ramp is behind the Ace Hardware in Hernando. Best place to launch.
It is near the 41 & 200 split. You probably want locals to show you around. Over 200 miles
Of shoreline on the chain and thousands of acres. Don't tell any body what a great place
It is to ride. Water is high out there and going under bridges can be tight or not possible for
A tall boat. I have a house out there so does Highlife 57. Lots of others also.
Someone will show you around.



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I have a place in floral city on a canal that goes into flying eagle and about 20 minutes to Potts boat ramp if interested in renting pm me 50a night


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X2 on ramp and riding with the CCAA family to show you around.

Was in Potts yesterday testing an engine with Buddy Branch and BluByU the water is super high so watch for mud boats.


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X2 on mud boats . Hard to figure , the tallest boats in swamp have to run a orange flag and the lowest to the water don't. They are running the airboat trails seeing places they have never been.