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Powershift changes name


I just noticed that it looks like Powershift has changed their name to Water Walker. I wonder why they changed the name? Did something cause them to lose rights to the Powershift name or what?

I hadn't heard that. Is it possible that they've sold the prop manufacturing to another company? There were rumors of that last year.

I don't believe so BF, they still say it,s a small family business and have David Wine as president, etc.. I'm thinking that someone had the name copywrited and forced the change or they had a lawsuit and had to change it. I don't really know.

Well, I hope it doesn't hurt their business. They're very nice folks, and they build a great prop. I'm still lookin forward to their lightweight belt drive this Spring.

Since Patty told me not to tell of the change till after the first of the year, I guess it is safe now. It is just a name change due to changing to a LLC classification (legal protection). The company is still in the family. There is/was no lawsuit. David Wine has been a Superthinker (innovator) of airboat design and accessories for many years and has passed on his Greatness to his daughters. Patty is a FIRST CLASS leader and will continue to raise airboating to a new level.
That's good to hear, I was hoping there was no problems. I like their products and hope to see them around for awhile.

That's a stupid name. Sounds like a toy that would have come in Corn Pops in the 80's. :roll:

I will continue to call them Powershift.....
There will probably be alot of that for a while but it's official and I guess it will eventually take over in time...

Red Dwarf":dmoo8csq said:
Sounds like a toy that would have come in Corn Pops in the 80's. :roll:

I will continue to call them Powershift.....

I can't say I disagree with you Red. I don't think I'd have publically said what you said thought! :shock: But you are right Adam, it'll grow on us no doubt. Time is in their favor with this one.

LLC huh? Legal Protection? It's a shame we live in such a lawsuit-happy society. I cringe at the thought of how much all the lawsuits, AND THE FEAR/PROTECTION from them adds to what we pay for stuff.

I can see the "Water" part of the name.... but "Walker"?!!? If I want a fast boat, I'd want something more than "walking". LOL And I wonder if "Walter Walker" is related to "Johnny Walker"? (when I first saw the name typed here in this thread, my eyes saw "water" but my brain read "Walter")

I'm sure they are Rich. Just a name change. If they are not.... there is something seriously wrong with that picture!
I like the new name. It's sounds like it might have taken it's inspiration from Indian folklore. In the Navajo nation, a Wind Walker was a Shaman.... a very powerful medicine man. Water Walker. Works for me.

Same great prop, same great people.

Limited Liability Corp. / LLC
I used to design, build and test sport parachute gear in my younger life for a company called the relative workshop about 6 years ago they changed there name to the uninsured relative workshop you could imagine the attorneys face when some went in to say they wanted to sue them!! every piece of thread is bought all day from a different company ( located in the same building) all equipment is leased from a different company all owned by the owner of the relative workshop which has NOTHING no assets this is the only way they could stay in business every time some got hurt or died he would get sued by that familys attorney no matter what the person did to kill themselves! sorry the storys so long its a freind that started a company in the everglades that is now in Deland trying to survive lawsuits in an uninsurable business.
I love my prop. and i am glad they are doing what it takes to protect there business
I have learned in life when something doesn’t make any since there is usually a lawyer behind it.
moodfood":1vakk9eb said:
I don't think I'd have publically said what you said thought! :shock:

If everyone is thinking the same, then someone isn't thinking!