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Prayers Needed

I heard he was bad sick couple of weeks ago but didn't wanna post anything cause didn't feel it was my place..but I've been praying for him and hope he recovers soon
Dang! He is a great guy. I certainly hate to hear that he is sick again. Will keep him in our thoughts and prayers!
I heard bout a week or so ago he was getting better and might be getting out of the hospital soon but haven't heard anything since..I sure hope he's getting better
Man I'm sorry to hear GMAC is sick. I've been working up north and haven't been here for awhile. I will definitely be praying for him, GREAT GUY
GMAC (Greg) is home from hospital now trying to come back. I wont go into any details but is was and is very serious. We are hoping for the best and appreciate the prayers. Greg and I think the world of you guys