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predator hulls


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hey just wandering if anyone could leave me a link or something to predator's page (if they have one) so i can look into them a little more... i saw one at the PB airboat n buggy show and i liked it... its laid thicker than my 12' 6" Big O, but how much heavier do they run? i dont know a whole lot about em but i liked the one i saw- input is greatly appreciated..... thanx yall
thanx man, good pics, i like those hulls- but does anyone kno the weight difference VS. my12' 6" big O by chance or a similar hull? thanx again
Feel free to call Bobby Jr and ask what his hulls weigh...he is a nice guy and and doesn't mind explaining his product. I think his # was on one of his ads or maybe Predator0540 can tell you.

The performance is very impressive. They are STRONG too!!

They weigh less than cottonmouth hulls. I don't know if that gives you any comparison or not.

The nose on those hulls look like combee`s. I know it`s a little off topic,but anybody know a good fiberglass repairman?