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Prop count

Let us know when you get into town pass. Our name is in the phone book or pm us for the number. Be glad to show you around Friday.
Bigger and better!

That's what the Southern Airboat rides have become! For those of you who haven't made a ride with the group yet ..these are the best bunch of folks you'll ever meet!

I'll make the "Operation Airboat" signs, hopefully to be planted Friday before the ride.

Hey Mood, can ya format a "sign-in" sheet with the S.A. logo? Maybe place for phone number and FL/GA number? Just another brainfart!

Optional, but reccommended!!

Basket - That is not a bad idea. And as much as I was down about a physical sign in sheet before. I'm all for it this time. Because we know the people in our group... there are going to be guests and friends of friends etc. I'm sure some will split out early too... so it'd be good for some kind of tracking.

I don't think I'm the one to make the sheet though, I could probably figure it out... but I'd do it my own "nerd way" I'm sure. Laura says she makes forma all the time in her hospital job... maybe I'll ask her.

What needs to be on the form?

Boat registration number (FL XXXX XX)
Left Ramp
Returned at Ramp

Anything else? A description of the boat in case we do end up searching? Need input if you want me to do it... or someone (who has a clue) can git'r done.

Marshbunny - I'm sure there will be seats-a-plenty for you... and if it is something Judy'd like... I'm sure there'll be room.

Only 7 days left!

Rick, you may want to be prepared to accept cash contributions to the FAA Lobbyist fund. Or Woodswoman or another FAA rep who may be there.

sounds good to me I talked to some people at the ramp today and I was told that there would be club members coming still unsure how many but it looks like this will be a big ride

I would think the only thing missing would be an emergency phone number, (probably a cell phone number).

If Laura could format this I think maybe the list could be left/posted at the ramp so the boats could check that they have left?

Another brain fart!


If we are going to do a roster, let's add Nextel PIDs. Many / most use that service. Also, how 'bout a line for "screen name" that would let us put faces with words.

I ran my new BDD (BigDaddy'sDiamondback) for the first time on Hatchineha / Kissimmee this weekend to get the kinks ironed out. I was disappointed. there were no "kinks" to work out.

Diamondback did an outstanding job for me.

Really looking foreard to my first SA trailride.
i know that the nextels work just about every where in the marsh here. when you show up at the ramp we meet and greet moodfood is working on a sheet to fill out so we can make sure that every one is acounted for. I will be stoping at least 4 times on this ride to talk and make sure we did not loose any one
Hey ya'll,

Please subtract one prop and two souls from the ride roster me.

During our "100 year storm" here back in 94' or 95', (there's that C.R.S. kickin' in again) we almost lost everything. Had 19 inches of rain then in a 24 hour period.

Since then...

South Florida Water Management has filled most of the canals in out here by our house, (thanks to the "Save the Everglades" restoration plan by our present government). They still have the "wiers" or dams closed over here as of yesterday, with a major storm approaching as I've documented before.

I've always seen this as as an opportunity for the largest "class action lawsuit" in U.S. government history. Several thousands of us "working class" here in Golden Gate estates in Collier county need a prayer about now!

I hope ya'll have a good ride! Maybe seeya next month!

Everything is going to be alright Basket. Once the yawner of a storm passes you, hitch up and head up. We'll miss you if you don't show!

Of course, I say this NOT having looked at the latest reports. Have things made a turn for the worse? Last I saw it was a real flop of a storm.

basketcase sorry to here you will miss this one. The current government has nothing to do with this! In 2000 a $7.8 Billion plan to restore the Everglades was signed into law by President Bill Clinton !!
Those of you who are staying in a hotel this weekend here, you might want to make sure you have a reservation. You never know how many people will drive here. Just a suggestion.
Sorry you can't make it Baskets. If it blows over give a call and we will update you on things, you have my number. Hope you stay above the waterline both at home and in your boat.