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Prop damage


My prop has 2 I would consider bad nicks in it , I’m new to owning a boat and would like some advice on what I need to do about it , should I replace the 2 blades or all 3 or get it repaired and how to go about gettin it repaired any advice is greatly appreciated I think I got the pictures added on here rite, happy Memorial Day to all and a huge thank you to all who have served and still serve for our freedom :old_glory:


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Send them off and get inspected, repaired and balanced. The tip of one blade looks like it may let water in.
Be on the safe side! :salute:
I was wondering this too, what is considered "acceptable" amount of damage. I have a few much smaller nicks in my prop, its carbon fiber 5 bladed warp drive. If its just a lack of performance I can deal with that for a little while as I am still new to the hobby and learning how the boat handles, but if its unsafe I want to take care of it asap. I'll post some pictures tonight. Who do you guys normally take them to for repair? manufacturer or a third party?
apg1387, I've never known of any 3rd party or manufacturer that would repair another manufacturers' prop. (liability issue). If it's a minor nick I have repaired mine with JB Weld and a sanding block. You can look on youtube for some videos on "how to". If the metal edge is damaged it will need to go back to warp drive to replace the edge.
I think there is a list on the home page here of prop manufacturers under "airboat directory"


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Always go to the manufacturer. If the damage is to the carbon fiber, contact the mfr and get it repaired. It will get worse and ultimately fail. Dings ing the nickel edge are ok, but tears like Bocefus has need to be repaired
You might run that thing 5 years or it could let loose next trip, I don't know if you have seen what happens when a prop lets go but it can be catastrophic,it's not worth you getting hurt much less a bystander! Just get it fixed
Contacted warp drive today, pretty sure that is what I have. They do repairs although they do mention the epoxy repair for small stuff on there website.


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