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Prop question on a dd


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Depends on how you perceive "better", and what you perceive to be a "wide" prop.
Actually, many would say a 350 DD couldn't turn a wide blade prop.

If you have a light boat and only care about hauling ass then perhaps you would prefer the warp drive.
If you don't like your ears ringing, have a heavier boat, want to get off the beach,
and want a nice slow cruise speed then the wider 2 blade would be the better bet.

Yes, the warp drive will potentially add less parasitic drag at WOT, but will demand being wound up to produce thrust.
The wider 2 blade will produce more thrust everywhere except possibly at near WOT.
So it depends on what your goals and expectations are. If you are realistic either will work; just depends on your preference.

IMO, the 2 blade is a better bet; but be aware that is presuming it is properly sized and not to big (long OR wide).
It is very easy to over prop a lower hp engine, which is more counter productive than many people realize.

Ultimately, you can only make so much thrust, with so much hp.

Slidin Gator

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Thanks, just trying to run a little dry if that’s possible with a stock motor
I'll add.

Getting off dry ground and running dry ground are two different things.

If you just need to "get off" dry ground, you are starting from a fresh crank up. You are looking for max thrust at WOT to get moving. In the dd 350 case, this means max RPM so a prop that can turn 3,500 like a 66-68" 5 blade.

Running ground means a setup that can get off ground all day at well less than WOT. This is when a wide blade comes in.

Them 5 blade whirlwinds are made for 350 direct drives, just loud as hell.