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Prop Question???


I am wondering how to set the pitch on this new prop I just bought. It needs to be at 12 degrees pitch. Its a warp drive and what do I need to do to set these blades. Should I attempt to do this myself even though I have never done it before? Any help will be greatly appreciated. My boat is 12 feet long with a 350 chevy direct drive(no gear reduction). Thanks alot.
The prop needs to be set with a degree protractor. Warp Drive props come with one new. Is the prop new or are you repitching a used prop. Do you have the factory supplied protractor? There are several ways to set it. Either start off with the motor at 0 degree level and turn them to 12 degrees. Or take a measurement of what degree the boat is sitting at and add 12 degrees. I always like to get the boat at 0 degrees level. If the trailer has a tongue jack you can level it easily. first things first though, do you have the protractor???????? If so we can walk you through it.
I have a four blade prop but anyway I will call warp drive Monday and see about geting one from them. I will write and let you know how it goes. Thanks for the replies. My father in law said he had a angle finder so maybe with a little help we will get it.
I went to Home Depot and purchased a angle finder for $6.99 and it seemed to work just fine. Just took a few minutes and that was finished. All I need now is a Day tank and I am ready to go. I will call around tomorrow and see if someone local has one, if not I will have to check online and see what I can get. Just wanted to say thanks for all the advice I recieved.