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Proposed new airboat competition - your comments please

Daddy Dave

Well-known member
Please read and send revisions, suggestions, comments, ideas back ASAP. This is a draft - for conversation and evaluation ONLY

Airboat Team Target Championship

Proposed Rules:

Team: A team will consist of one airboat driver and one shooter. The driver is responsible for boat control at all times and cannot shoot while driving. The shooter must remain seated in a typical airboat seat at all times during the target run. A driver or shooter leaving the seat will result in zero points for the target run. Shooter and driver may alternate and enter as a separate additional team. Event entry fees will apply to each driver / shooter combination.

Airboat: For the purposes of this event, all airboats are required to have metal works designed to carry at least an operator and one passenger in designed seating and a complete typical metal propeller cage. Propulsion shall be by motor driven propeller only. All airboats are required to carry all USCG required safety equipment.

Team and Airboat Technical Inspection: Event host organization shall have the right to evaluate all teams and airboats at all times during the competition for acceptability to compete. The decision of the host concerning airboat technical compliance or operator or shooter impairment shall be final.

Airboat operator or shooter impairment by opinion of event host organization shall be sufficient to disallow any operator / driver or shooter from competition.

Open, unfuffled exhaust shall be sufficient to disallow any airboat from competition. For the purposes of this event, minimum airboat exhaust requirements are continuous exhaust piping from the exhaust port on the cylinder head to a point behind the rear edge of the propeller.

Damaged, cracked or obvious weathered conditions on any wooden propeller on any airboat shall be sufficient to disallow that airboat propeller from use in event competition.

Airboat Movement requirements: Airboats are required to maintain forward motion during the course target run. Failure to maintain forward motion will result in loss of all target points for that run.

Target projectiles: All scores, target points (plus or minus) and winners will be determined by the ability of the boat to operate within the course boundaries and team shooter to hit a designated target by use of a CO2 fired paint ball. All paint balls will be industry standard and provided by the event host organization. All shots must be taken from the passenger seat.

Each team will be provided with 25 paint balls for a target course run. No additional paint balls may be fired in any target course run above those provided by the event host for that particular run. Event host may determine that a practice run will be allowed. No points will be awarded on any practice run.

Target point values: Targets will be assigned a point value by the host organization. Point value will remain constant throughout any competition. Plus points will be awarded by a paintball hit on any designated “legal” target. Minus points will be assessed by a paintball hit on any “illegal” target. A team will receive zero points for any target run in which the airboat driver is hit by a paintball fired by the team shooter. Event host may vary the location of legal and illegal targets at any time during the competition.

Scores: A team's target run score will be determined by the accumulation of plus and minus target points. The highest score of plus points will determine the event winner. Score ties will be determined by another target run.

Target Course: A target course will be set up by the event host organization. The run path will be a minimum of 12 feet in width and a maximum of 200 feet in length. An USCG approved PFD is required to be worn by operator and shooter while on the course.

The course target airboat path will be marked by continuous colored tape or other continuous markings. Any boat that crosses a run path side boundary will be assessed minus points. Three side path boundary crosses in one run results in zero points for that run.

Each course will have 10 targets, seven of which will offer “plus” points and three of which will offer “minus” points.

Course target run maximum time: the event host will establish a maximum allowable target course time. Any team that fails to complete the target course run within the alloted time will recieve zero point score for that course target run.